SOLUTIONS  Mechanical Harvesting  Almonds/Olives 
DT-18 C

DT-18 is comprised of the DT-12 system equipped with DT-15 and DT-17 trailers.
The system is suitable for almonds and olives. With this method, the fruit from the collector flows directly to an intermediate trailer (instead of to the containers). The system is operated by means of two tractors (80 hp each). When the intermediate trailer is full, it unloads the harvest into another trailer such as the DT-17 or similar. 

The conveyer moves the crop backwards to the intermediate trailer, DT-15, which transfers it to a spreading trailer, DT-17. The spreading trailer, towed by another tractor, spread the harvested crop on the ground for drying.

Technical data:
Tree age: 2-30 years.
Agricultural tractor: at least 60 h.p.
Harvesting rate: 2 trees/min.
No. of operators : 2
Shaker Telescopic arm: 1.1 m.
Vertical lift: 0.8 m.

DT-18 components :
DT-12 system
DT-15 Trailer:The trailer is a 5 [m^3] capacity and it is designed to be towed by the DT-12.
DT-17 is a dispersion trailer for crop drying. As part of the DT-18 system, it is towed by a tractor from the filling station (the intermediate trailer, DT-15) to the drying surface.

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