Dotan specializes in development of unique systems serving industry and agriculture for over 40 years.
During the recent years the company has developed several types of solar trackers suitable for various applications.

The company's flagship product is DT-52,  An highly accurate zero backlash tracker  for use in solar energy systems where high precision and maximum backlash prevention are required, such as CPV, HELIOSTAT, CHP etc.
The DT- 52 is used by ZenithSolar , A company with an innovative system that produce both electricity and hot water for maximum efficiency.

The uniqueness of the DT-52 is its driving system (patented), characterized by “zero backlash” and very high precision control.
Special features:
0.03° tracking accuracy and repeatability; Backlash <0.03°;Azimuth range 400° ; Elevation range100°; power consumption<50W ;Meeting specifications at 40 km/h wind;
 Large base diameter with an open center allows water pipes and electricity cable to pass through.

The system is already installed at a few sites in Israel and Australia.

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